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In 1968, the New Brunswick provincial government took the bold move of setting up one of the first art banks in Canada, made up solely of works by contemporary New Brunswick artists. Today, this important collection enables us to better understand our past through the critical eye and creativity of several generations of visual artists.

About us

Like other provincial and territorial art collections across Canada, collectionArtNB is a working collection with original artwork presented in public spaces such as government offices and buildings, public schools and online. The goal of collectionArtNB is to ensure as much visibility for the collection as possible while maintaining professional exhibition standards. 

Our Key Staff

Danielle C. Hogan

Reponsible for collectionArtNB

Benoît Locas


Claire Gulliver

Responsible for Public Art

Chris Giles

collectionArtNB Technician

Danielle C. Hogan

Reponsible for collectionArtNB

Claire Gulliver

Responsible for Public Art

Chris Giles

collectionArtNB Technician

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Yes, you may contact the program officer responsible for the program to get feedback on your application if you are not successful. Jury comments may also be shared for juried programs.

Due to the volume of applications received, we don’t provide individual confirmation of receipt but you will receive an automated email confirmation. You may contact our reception desk to check confirmation of receipt by email culture@gnb.ca or call (506) 453-2555.

Application forms no longer require a written signature. However, in lieu of this, applicants must check the box at the end of the application form to acknowledge that the information provided in the application is accurate and complete.

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