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Dancing in a Circle [Amalgaltimg pitôgagigtog]

by: Garry Sanipass

Small garry sanipass  1 Garry Sanipass

Garry Sanipass currently works and lives on the Bouctouche First Nation in New Brunswick

Canada. I am indigenous Mi’kmaq.

“I realize is that art is about communication. Not between artist and observer, but between observer and their psyche. The artist provides catalyst for that conversation. The artist creates a fundamental truth about themselves, an image or an idea from their subconscious. I am presenting a fundamental truth about myself and it is often misunderstood because the observer projects their own experiences and their own hate and love and angels and demons. I like the idea of creating my own paints and tools, as much as possible. t I do make my own pigments and paints. I’ll make the pigments and mix it with refined linseed oil, If there is such a thing as a collective unconscious, I feel that I am tapping into ancient creators from the past by making my own supplies. I like the idea of performance art because I use my own body. It also speaks in dreams and intuitions. I use active imagination to refine images that pop into my head. Active imagination via Carl Jung’s technique. In carl Jung’s Redbook, he was very honest about himself and through his own therapy, and I am trying to be as honest as I can at the same time, I am discovering more and more about myself. It’s all there in the paintings.

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