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Public art, Installation, Photograph

Farandoles on the Grass

by: Denis Lanteigne

In 2021-2022, "Farandoles on the Grass" was commissioned by the Province of New Brunswick for Arc-en-ciel School as part of the Public Art Policy for New Brunswick.

This work is composed of photomontages with symmetrical repetitions depicting dandelions on grass. From a single photo, Denis Lanteigne composed four photographs where he reproduced the image four times, which gives 16 repetitions in total. 

First, the photo is duplicated to be turned over like the pages of a book and pasted in a mirror effect, creating symmetry. The piece forms a diptych panel which is duplicated in turn. Lanteigne reverses and then glues it to the first, forming a panel quadriptych. For the second image, he moves the diptych panels from top to bottom. To compose the third panel, he flips the two images of the original diptych panel from left to right to form a new one that he duplicates and reverses. The fourth panel takes the original photo, which is flipped vertically and then horizontally (what was at the bottom left is now at the top right), creating a new pattern that is duplicated in the same way as the three previous panels.

"There is here, I hope, and this is my goal, a possibility that students will come to understand my approach and be inspired by it, whether it be artistic or mathematical and geometric in nature." - Denis Lanteigne 

Small denis lanteigne 8x Denis Lanteigne
Denis Lanteigne is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works mainly in sculpture and photography. He regularly uses repetition of lines and forms in his creations. Originally from Caraquet, Denis obtained his B.A. in psychology from the Université de Moncton and studied graphic arts, sculpture and photography at the Collège de Bathurst. In 2003, he opened a studio in Caraquet and has been working on outdoor installations since 2011. He is also chairman of Caraquet’s Groupe Existe, and director of Galerie Bernard-Jean in Caraquet.

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