Isabelle Devos

Isabelle Devos

  • Canadian

“I simplify what I see to its essence of form, light and colour, creating a glimpse into a hidden story that exists beneath a serene surface.”

Isabelle Devos is a contemporary Australian painter known for her bold and evocative landscape paintings that convey a serene yet powerful sense of place and atmosphere. She was born in Belgium but her artistic journey began in Canada where she pursued her passion for art at an art school on the east coast.

Through studying artists such as Alex Colville, Lawren S. Harris, Edward Hopper and Georgia O’Keefe, Devos found her artistic calling in the realm of representational art. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount Allison University, she spent several years after art school working as an artist on the east coast of Canada.

Nineteen years ago, Isabelle Devos relocated to Australia, bringing with her all of the diverse experiences that infuse her exploration into the local landscapes. Through her paintings, she delves into the hidden narratives that emerge from the intersection of human presence and the surrounding landscape, revealing the stories waiting to unfold within these transitional spaces.

Devos has garnered numerous awards and grants from prestigious Canadian and Australian art institutions, including the Canada Council for the Arts. Her work has been shortlisted for several major Australian art awards, such as the 2023 Glover Prize, the 2023 Lethbridge Art Prize, and the 2022 Paddington Art Prize among others.

Devos' paintings can be found in public collections such as Art Bank of New Brunswick in Canada, NSW State Library in Australia and New England Regional Art Museum, NSW well as gracing the walls of private collections across Australia and other countries. 

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