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Large Ewer

by: Maja Padrov

Inspired by functional pottery and domestic objects, my recent work consists of either individual pieces or installation of spouted pouring vessels of different shapes. I make simple objects and join or alter them in ludic, illogical, theatrical compositions that produce unexpected visual displays of a familiar object or its parts. I often change the method of making, proportions and appearance of elements, so the function, if it exists, is not always apparent. The function is sometimes emphasized and sometimes concealed, aiming for intuitive connections. I am engaging in a dialog with the existing vernacular of utilitarian shapes, suggesting that function might follow the form. I like to combine parts that are challenging to assemble and often try to push the material to do what is not naturally inclined to do.

Research in glaze chemistry is another aspect of my work. The complexity of materials that come from the earth, like feldspars, minerals, metal oxides, when mixed in different proportions, exposed to the transformative power of fire, leads to unpredictable results that could range from beauty to disaster. I have been working with volatile and unpredictable ceramic materials in glazes, trying to achieve lava and lichen like surfaces, or produce a trompe l’oeil effect of wrought iron or stone.

This piece is a spouted pouring vessel based on a teapot form, wheel thrown with extruded and hand built details, fired multiple times in oxidation atmosphere, with different slips and glazes.

Small maja padrov Maja Padrov

Maja Padrov moved to Canada in 1997 from Novi Sad, Serbia, and graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with diploma in Studio Ceramics in 2001. She has been working with clay professionally over the last 20 years as a studio artist, and has worked as a part time instructor at NBCCD (2009-2017). She attended and taught numerous workshops in Canada, United States and Europe, and participated in ceramic residencies in Canada, Hungary, Serbia and France. Maja received several grants and awards from the New Brunswick Arts Board, Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Clay and Glass Association. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is part of public and private collections in North America, Europe and Asia. She lives in the Village of Gagetown in New Brunswick, acknowledging that the land on which she lives and works is the traditional unceded territory of the Wəlastəkwiyik Peoples.

Maja’s work is about exploring sculptural possibilities of functional pottery, as well as research in glaze chemistry. 

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